They were refugees, these four, fleeing from trouble and persecution. Their clothes were unwashed and shabby, their faces lined with dirt. Toughened by the journey, they looked warily about, uneasiness in their eyes. For they were Mormons, driven out of their city of Nauvoo with what little they could salvage. With their leader Joseph Smith assassinated, their charter revoked and mobs descending on them, they had little choice but to leave the city.

What united this particular group was the belief that another prophet and leader had come forth, a man by the name of James J. Strang, who claimed to have been appointed by Joseph Smith to gather and lead the people. It was to this gathering that they were headed, Voree on the White River in Wisconsin Territory. Voree, the ‘Garden of Peace.’

Love and violence on the American frontier characterize this exciting novel about the early Mormons and their search for a place of peace and religious freedom.

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Elaine Stienon

Elaine Stienon